I am honoured to take up the responsibility of the Principal at Sacred Heart Convent School, to usher the future of this glorious institution which has just completed 50 years of a magnificent inheritance of excellence.

I take it as my onus to continue the excellent culture of Sacred Heart and maintain it in the years to come.

I assure you that my actions will communicate my commitment to the school, to my teachers, students and to the city of Ludhiana.

My sincere thanks to all the Teachers, entire staff and students for the warm welcome that they accorded to me. Joining here, I know I have many things to learn and I am willing to share every venture of my experience. Within a few days I have perceived the drive for excellence that permeates deeply here- cohesiveness in the teaching team, diligence in the students, a faith and support of the parents in building a strong foundation.

I am looking forward to utilizing this potential and merit for the benefit of us all. My expectation is high on the quality of classroom teaching and facilitation of students’ development. You may expect changes in the future which I believe are the impetus for improvement. Together we shall do it and together we will.

With my faith in Him, I conclude with Philip Parham’s words,

God believes in me, therefore my situation is never hopeless. God walks with me, therefore I am never alone. God is on my side, therefore I can never lose.