Black Diamond Convent School

Black Diamond Convent School, Rajur colliery, founded on July 16th,1990, is one of the institutions conducted by the Western Coal Fields Limited.

While our Education is directed towards the development of the person we too are primarily concerned with instilling Gospel values in those we educate and forming responsible citizens in the country who are ready to take their place in social, political and cultural life with selflessness and zeal. Our special focus will be the formation of the committed people who are filled with a sense of mission to their country and to the world. We strive to implement the national aims and objectives of education through the goals our school has discovered and which must be realized and propagated by all our staff and students.

Black Diamond Convent School, Rajur colliery is one of the most prestigious schools in Rajur Colliery. It is a school with approximately 2000 students on its rolls.

Our Aim :-

  • Capable of responding to challenges of life with joy and a deep faith in God.
  • Whose choices and decisions are guided by right values.
  • Enriched by our cultural heritage.
  • Committed to the service of our people.